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Why Developers Choose CakePHP Over Other Frameworks

The basic concept of developing any application using an open source platform is fast development and easy and handy approach. This framework assists in accomplishing all these advantages for the developers. After comparing the features of PHP and CakePHP, it is very clear why this platform is the first choice for the programmers, if given with the selection option. Undermentioned are some of the core features that set Cake aside from other frameworks:

Highly Organized
The most prominent and contrasting difference that can be seen between PHP and CakePHP is - Cake is extremely organized. It can be said that Cake is advanced version of cluster of components and objects found in PHP for application development, help and references.

In addition to being flexible and well organized, Cake is also known for its potential of providing the developers with ample dependability when it comes to coding-support.

Logical Routines
Cake is packed with logically laid routines thus enabling the developers to write codes simply by using these routines available in the extensive Cake library. Cake also brings with it the advantage of CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Destroy). Simply put, you can read the database and get your codes verified, conversed and easily managed using CRUD.

Model-View-Control Pattern
Having Model-View-Controller coding architecture, Cake is proficient enough to help the programmers in performing the most complex and tedious task effortlessly. MVC architecture allows them to be in touch with the development part avoiding any disorderliness in process flow of development. It also allows the programmers to save their data in the database of their choice.

No configuration is required for the programmers to perform before start working on Cake development platform. Majority of features and settings are automatically detected. This type of setting saves a great deal of time and effort as the programmers are not required to learn and understand the configuration settings. In addition, this framework is equipped with in-built validation features that are easy to use and are efficiently functional. Keeping in view the complexity of the project development, programmers can incorporate various validation guidelines to any file and avail the benefit of the these features.

Recycling of Codes
The codes written by the programmers while working on the Cake can be facilitated for different other projects, which is one of the most logical and popular benefits behind choosing this framework by the developers. This facility not only saves ample time and efforts of the developers even during working on other projects but it also allows them to dedicate more time using their creativity on the logical aspect of the project.

These are some of the highly acclaimed features that make CakePHP the first choice for cakePHP programmers. In case, you are looking for custom application development solutions, you can hire XUL developers, PHP developers or Asp developer but CakePHP is the best option developer would like to work on. This will enable you getting the most interactive and best application solutions within least time frame utilizing the CakePHP features.

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