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The Reasons for Increasing Number of Mambo Customizations

Mambo is a very popular open source CMS and is famed for its simplicity and technical genius. Written in PHP, Mambo also has the distinction of being world’s most powerful CMS. Being an open source it is a freeware and so reduces the over all cost of content management.

Over the past years it’s been observed that Mambo is topping the charts of open source customizations. Let’s glance through some of the reasons behind this surge:

Code flexibility: Since it is written in PHP, the code is very flexible and extensible. Even relatively fresh Mambo developers can easily modify the existing code by leveraging all the open source functionalities of content Mambo. This is the major reason why companies opt for Mambo customization.

O.S. independent: Mambo CMS supports multiple operating systems including Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Windows IIS. As the CMS is O.S. independent developers prefer customizing Mambo over its contemporary CMSs, which can not adapt to the features of different O.S.

Cost effective: Open source are freeware and have very low license fees and same is the case with Mambo. So, there is very low initial investment and customizing content Mambo remains light on the economical stance of any company.

Localization and internationalization: Language of content Mambo can be changed for regional and global market. This is done by downloading in-built language packs available with the Mambo software. This feature gives Mambo an edge over other CMSs and is a major reason for its customizations.

High usability: Mambo CMS is many years old and is fully featured to suffice the usability for all kinds of websites including simple personal sites to complex intranets and extranets of corporate websites. And customization is directly proportional to the usability of any software application.

High ROI: Since Mambo is least expensive to install, simple to adapt to changes, easy to administer and has all high end functionalities of content management it gives exceptional returns on investment. That’s why mambo developers confirm that Mambo CMS and its customization boost any business without any extra expenses.

High tech features: Localization, page caching, customizable layouts, content publishing scheduling, content syndication, search engine friendliness, advertisement management, media management and many more features of Mambo CMS makes it score high on the list of most customized CMS.

These reasons are enough to support Mambo customization and to prove its dominance in the realm of open source customization. Without a blink miss we can easily conclude that Mambo CMS is the foremost choice for open source customization.
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