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Reasons for Choosing Wordpress as a Platform for Website Development

Developed in PHP and MySQL, Wordpress is the most powerful CMS platform. It is used by more than 16% of top million websites. It is an open source platform famous for its support for numerous plug-ins and extensions. According to the statistics nearly 22% of the websites are managed by Wordpress. This overwhelming figure hints the success of Wordpress. Let's have a look at the reasons behind this immense popularity of Wordpress.

Reasons for choosing Wordpress as a website development platform are as follows:

Cost Effective: Wordpress is an open source software which reduces the initial investment of web development. Compared to any other CMS, Wordpress reduces the overall cost of web design by 50%. Not only small and medium sized companies opt for Wordpress but even huge enterprises like NY Times, S&P and Yahoo also vote in favor of it.

Plug-in architecture: Wordpress comes with numerous plug-ins which facilitate smooth functioning of any website. The open source community keeps developing new extensions. These plug-ins provide excellent end user experience. Many of them are free to download. Adding these extensions to your website will enhance the usability of it. This plug-in architecture of Wordpress makes it a really desirable web development platform.

Simplicity of design and development: The PHP framework of Wordpress is easy and flexible to modify. An efficient Wordpress coder can easily change the code to manage any CMS or website. Its beautiful themes aid in creating catchy web designs without too much programming hassles.

Faster launching: Wordpress installation is fast paced. Its plug-in architecture and the PHP framework gives it that extra edge for developing a site at a faster pace. It also saves a lot of development time making Wordpress a preferable choice for CMS development.

SEO friendly: With Wordpress you can create SEO friendly CMS solutions. Moreover, there are several extensions available in Wordpress which can be extended to enhance SEO activity. That is why Wordpress sites get high ranking on the SERP. Thus, you can effortlessly manage good search engine ranking for your site.

Pre-built themes for website and blogs: Wordpress provides inbuilt themes which can be used to design website or blog site. These themes are not just good looking designs but have all the functions of front end. When you are developing a new web design idea, the use of these themes prove effective than designing from scratch. On a later stage, Wordpress coder can modify the code to create custom specific website. Themes can be chosen depending on the business model and client specifications.

Easy to update: It is very easy to update a Wordpress site. It is done by a single click. Even plug-ins can be updated without any noticeable modification in the code. So, with Wordpress your website remains tuned with the latest developments.

Smart Content Management System: Editing or changing content of your site is uncomplicated with Wordpress. Writing content in the backend is as simple as editing in MS-Word or notepad. In addition, you can add or remove features in your website or blog site through Wordpress widgets.

These reasons vote in favor of the overwhelming popularity of Wordpress. As Wordpress offers many benefits for effective web and CMS design, it proves itself as the ideal platform for web development.

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