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For the past few months, responsive web design has become the paramount factor for web designers to consider. Why so? Because, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers, which need to work with your site, has increased many folds. Therefore, it becomes paramount that your website displays across all screen sizes seamlessly. Let us find out in detail about this responsive design in this article.

What is Responsive Web Design?
Responsive web design is a designing approach, such that you don't have to develop separate mobile, tablet, and PC versions for your site. It provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices along with easy reading and navigation process for the visitors - "One site for every screen."

How Does This Designing Technique Works?
Responsive web pages react according to their respective environment. Depending on the factors such as size and shape, these web sites arrange themselves finitely based on the dimensions of the browser screen. These elements determine the screen sizes using CSS media queries. The size and shape spread out when the screen is wider, and stack themselves when its narrower. Moreover, they stack differently when the screen gets much smaller.

This makes it clear that responsive web design provides you innumerable amount of control. Using this technique, web designers can optimize almost anything that fits marvelously from PC to mobile, and anything in between.

Moreover, the three technical ingredients - flexible images, fluid grids and media queries - are the major aspects of this designing technique, but more importantly, it requires a different way of thinking. Rather than building web pages for device-specific experiences, web developers can use media queries to progressively enhance the process for different viewing contexts.

Is Responsive Web Design Right for Your Site?
If your website is too large, bulky or complicated, and you already have a mobile site. Then, it is better not to go responsive web design and better stick to mobile version, without messing up your site. A mobile version would be more feasible for your site to run smoothly on the handheld phones. But, if you don't have a separate mobile site, or have simple site then better do a little research work through Google analytics.

So, as Jeremy Keith said, designers need to stop thinking in pages and start thinking in systems.

Web designers should consider the multiple aspects such as time and money, browser support, performance, and content for efficient responsive design. This can help them to provide excellent results for their clients' websites. If you are thinking how to scale your website efficiently on different screen sizes, then the ideal option is to hire web designer having in-depth knowledge about responsive web design. This will help your business scale above your competitors by tapping the market of different user interfaces.

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