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Android App Development - Introduction for Beginners

Android is the software platform , operating system and framework designed and developed by Google. Designed on Linux Operating system, it is of open source nature, thus assists developer and programmer to carry out customization at a minimal cost possibly. Needless to say, Android serves well as an enterprise device and entertainment device as well, in comparison with other smartphone like Blackberry and iPhone.

Being a Linux Kernel based OS, Android provided a wide platform to the android app developer. Initially made for touch-screen smart phones, the operating system today also support tablet computers. Due to the increase in the popularity of the highly favored Android and open-source nature, android app developers all across the globe are working on android application development and delivering high-quality apps in the market. According to the sources, due to the popularity and innovative nature of android apps, businesses prefer to reach out to their customers through Android applications.

The Android App developer kit (known as SDK - Software Development Kit) is what is used for the development of Android apps. Google designed the software, to allow third parties to design and develop apps and software for the Android platform. The company has also developed an android app developer guide, to teach the first-time developers about procedures, rules, tips and tricks of android app development. Just like iPhone SDK, the android app developer kit also provides all the tools essential for designing and developing apps, that are good in appearance, and exploit the device up to its full potential. Driven by JAVA, professionals with little knowledge of JAVA can become an android app developer.

There are large number of companies in India and across the globe that provide "android app developer for hire" services to their client. This is done to meet all the customized requirement of the client. Often the companies provide dedicated android developer on FTE (full-time equivalent) arrangements and charge accordingly.

Android SDK development allows the developer to check the functionality of the device during the design and development process, which includes camera, sensors, multi-touch etc. This functionality check facilitates in optimizing the application features to match the potential of the device. However, Google make sure that the Android SDK development offers a comprehensive platform for testing and debugging. This further lowers the time required for uploading the apps on an Android device and running it.

It is worth mentioning that there are a large number of Android Application Development companies, trying hard to create state-of-art apps. They utilize the latest technology and advance infrastructure, for designing and developing Android Apps Programming software related to games, music, social media, etc. So, if you are looking to have an android app, for your business or personal utilization, you can contact these companies and get the desired application in your own android smart phone.

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